What Just Happened?

Posted on January 19, 2012


There are many articles about it now in the news.  Here is one from the New York Times (January 18, 2012).  The article talks of the two now infamous bills, Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect I.P. Act, being pushed through congress by the movie and record companies led by former Senator turned lobbyest Christopher Dodd.  But after a significant push back from online companies and their users the bill is now likely to fail to get the 60 votes needed to move it forward in the Senate.

The reporter ponders in the piece by writing that this “may prove to be a turning point for the way business is done in Washington. It represented a moment when the new economy rose up against the old.”

So, what just happened?

Interestingly in juxtaposition of the Republican primaries, this demonstrates that politics is no longer just local, it has become global.  Even I in New Zealand participated by signing Google’s on-line petition.  The ease in which people can participate in the political system has put power back into more people hands.  I even know of a few of my younger friends who called into their congress people to voice their opposition to the bills. Not quite the Arab Spring but for the U.S. and its citizens a great start with even greater further potential.

What we might hope, but highly doubt, is that the old business models of the past and the companies that so desperately cling to them will begin change to accept the new realities of the Internet and put their minds to creating new profit models rather than relying on the past.

After all “What’s past is prologue”