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Here you will find miscellaneous articles, reports and information on ideas discussed within this blog.

The Economic Environment of American Symphony Orchestras; Report to Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; The Mellon foundation requested a factfinding study of (1) cyclical and trend developments in the economic health of the symphony orchestra industry and (2) influences on performance and nonperformance revenues and expenses of orchestras. The hope is that analyses of these influences will clarify decisions facing symphony orchestras and help individual symphonies to assess and project their own economic health.

How the Arts Impact Communities_An Introduction to the literature on arts impact studies; In this paper, lays out some of the issues that need to be addressed when thinking about and studying how the arts impact communities, in addition to providing an introduction to the literature on arts impact studies. It begins discussing the mechanisms through which the arts are said to have an impact. Following this is a discussion of key theoretical and methodological issues involved in studying the impact of the arts. I conclude by suggesting areas for further research and reflecting on the limitations of past research.

Getting-in-on-the-act-2011OCT19Getting In On the Act: How Arts Groups are Creating Opportunities for Active Participation is a new study commissioned by The James Irvine Foundation and conducted by WolfBrown. It draws insights from more than 100 nonprofit arts groups and other experts in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. The report presents a new model for understanding levels of arts engagement as well as case studies of participatory arts in practice. It also addresses many of the concerns that arts organizations may have in supporting participatory arts practices and provides inspiration and ideas for exploring this growing trend.

Growing the pie; Increasing the level of cultural philanthropy in New Zealand; explores whether there are new opportunities to encourage private investment in the arts in New Zealand over the next five to ten years.

Guy Mallabone’s Develoment-Audit-Tool-Book-Format-May-17;  The Development Audit builds on current fund development theory; each statement in the workbook suggests a concept, strategy or best practice that is important to the overall success of a comprehensive fund development program. It is designed to draw attention to areas that might need further work or consideration: through training, performance management interventions and/or development planning.

moves_management Moves Management is the process of managing donor relationships.

Pew Research_Where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses; The survey probed how people learn about their communities in a new way, asking about specific subjects and discovered that people use a complex range of different sources.

Supportingrowth in the arts economy;  The authors of these papers, Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine, take up the discussion on Supporting growth in the arts economy, highlighting the multilayered relationship between the arts and creative economy. The Arts Council believes that in times of reduced public investment for the arts, it is even more important to help the arts to continue to grow and encourage the sector in finding new ways of developing, creating new work and reaching new audiences and markets.


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